The Great Barrier Reef

Located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is a


The Great Barrier Reef from outer space

great vacation choice for this upcoming summer. With a vast variety of sea critters and marine life, it is the world’s largest coral reef. I have sometimes wondered about how big it would seem viewing it from outer space, as it has been stated to be even larger than the Great Wall of China.


I know that some activities are restricted for me due to the fact that I am unable to swim, however, there are


Whale Watching, Zureks, 2008, CC-BY-SA-3.0

numerous additional options for people like me. Although you are unable to participate in activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or even swimming with dolphins, you can instead enjoy other experiences like semi-submersibles, cruise ship tours, whale watching, and so much more!


I also know that large sections of the reef have recently been found dead due


Coral Reefs

to severe bleaching, pollution, and other mishaps. However, this does not mean that all coral species will be at a risk for extinction. These sea creatures will be able to save themselves by migrating toward the poles of Earth and establish new reefs.


Although sea pollution may drive many visitors away, I


Snorkeling in the Reef

still can’t figure out how the reef still appeals to my interest. Maybe it’s the fact that I have never witnessed ocean life personally up-close, so I am willing to disregard any flaws or cons to visit the most acclaimed and hyped coral reef in the world.


Even so, I will always regard it as the best destination for beach and ocean lovers. With a vibrant and colorful variety of sea critters and plants, your thirst for adventure will not be disappointed. Although it has been destroyed by pollution and other effects of human activity, this should not stop you from enjoying all the great experiences that await you at the Great Coral Reef.


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