Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I never realized how rewarding it would be to visit Wyoming. All my life, I’ve been a city girl and was never really fond of nature or the countryside. I have always preferred the busy, loud streets and the hum of cars driving by as you walk. Although I respect nature, I was never interested in learning more about it let alone observing it.



City streets, katsrcool, 26 August 2012, CC BY-2.0


This has always been my way of thinking until I came across the Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Not only does it feature beautiful scenic views of cliffs and mountains, it features countless other activities and sightseeing that are guaranteed to keep you interested. For instance, if you’re an animal fan, then you should visit the National Elk Refuge. With a wide landscape of nearly 25,000 acres, you can see many other animals besides elks, including coyotes and bison.



Jackson Hole, Johnson, 4 October 2010, CC BY-2.0


I now realize that I should always broaden my horizons when it comes to sightseeing or visiting new places, even when it may seem distasteful at first. Although you may be hesitant or dubious at first, trying new experiences can be beneficial for you and open more opportunities for you.

So now I try to visit as many places as I can without being picky or too specific. Whether it be a boisterous city or a quiet forest, I’d pay a visit anyways as long as it is a new experience for me.


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