To America and Beyond…


My name is Kayla Zheng and I have a wish and desire to travel around the world. I created this website to give ideas and tips on where to travel as well as suggestions on what to bring, what to do, etc. based on my knowledge of that place. In this site, I intend to share my passions for photography, scenic views, and wild animals that can be found around the world. Although I do not have a lot of experience in traveling, I’d be happy to share my extensive knowledge on different locations in America or in places that I have traveled to. So if you’ve ever wanted to find new places to visit, look for helpful advice on how to travel, or even just simply take a look at all the different places I’ve been to or would love to visit, then you’ve come to the right place! This blog will be your official travel guide as you visit new locations and learn more about the history/people behind them.


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